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Since the Since the beginning of the beta, we are working hard to give you changes that help you to improve your use of this social network.

  • [May 2023] - Beta 0.4.1 (Campus)

    Now we have a Online Campus for courses.

  • [January 2023] - Beta 0.4.0 (Blog)

    Now Statuses are Blog Post, have your own blog in your profile.

  • [October 2022] - Beta 0.3.9 (Embed)

    Embed Images for websites Improved file upload (max size before compression).

  • [2022] - Beta 0.3.8 (Feed & Lang)

    Improved Feeds and translations

  • [2022] - Beta 0.3.5 Links!

    We have seen a lot of tattooists using a lot of different plataforms for make their links pages, now you can use this feature inside TattooYa, and with a link directly to your profile.

  • [2021] - Beta 0.3.2:

    We have changed some UI items, and make some hotfixes to make the UX better. Translated to Japanese

  • [2020] - Beta 0.3.1:

    Added filters and styles to profiles.

  • [2019 Late] - Beta 0.3:

    We have added Profiles of tattoo artists, upload your work, status and followers. Create Forum 0.1, users can create posts and comment them. Translated to English

  • [2017] - Beta 0.2:

    Thanks to the help of some sponsors like Alkimia, we started with the project.

  • [2016] - Beta 0.1:

    A social network idea have been created, and we have got a Logo.

  • [2015] - Alpha:

    We got the idea to make a big full worldwide map of great tattoo studios.

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Ahora los Estados son Publicaciones de tu propio blog personal.

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🙏 You can use Emojis on your status!

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Status works!

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Testing status


Tattoo Artist in Osaka, Japan
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